Intuitive Mindset Coaching for all stages of motherhood


Find your passion. Reclaim joy. Embrace your power.

Do you struggle with feelings of inadequacy as a mother? Are you struggling to connect with your child? Does your birth story bring you pain or anger? Do you feel grief at the loss of pregnancy or infertility?

As women, we can be a powerful force in our families, our nation, and communities. When we claim the power within and release the things that hold us back, we can become an unstoppable force. A force of good in the lives of anyone who crosses our path. Guiding you to reclaim the power within to become the woman of light you are meant to be.

My mindset coaching and energy healing services are here to guide you to reclaim the power within. Let go of whatever is holding you back to become the woman and mother you long to be.

Coaching & Energy Healing for Mothers
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Free Loving Your Body Meditation

Do you struggle to love your body as it is now? Do you feel guild or shame when you think of your body?

This meditation was made with you in mind. It is filled with loving affirmations that will help you connect with your body and realize the gift that it is. Unique. Beautiful Strong. Listen today to feel more love, connection, and joy surrounding your wonderful body. You'll also get my free monthly newsletter with guidance & resources.



"And then she remembered the power within that had been there all along."

- Heather Rigby