heather rigby mindset coach

Heather Rigby

Certified SimplyAlign Practitioner

It's my passion to help women become the best version of themselves through mindset coaching. I love seeing the light in their eyes as they let go of guilt, shame and doubt and become strong women who realize how strong and powerful they truly are.

a bit more about me...

I am a mom to 6 and a grandma to 7. I had my last little girl when I was 47(!) It was a miraculous experience. She has changed my life for the better.

I am a wife to one of the kindest, hardest working and most handsome men I've ever met. I love walking through life with him. It's been a great privilege and honor to have each of them in my life.

I love my little flock of chickens who I lovingly call "The Ladies." I love watching their antics as they gossip and eat bugs.