Receiving Abundance

By Heather Rigby | May 26, 2021

Struggling with money issues and attracting new clients? I just got this from a client after a session. I was thrilled for their success. “I returned home and clients have been steadily calling, and money opportunities are steadily flowing into my life. Thank you!” By letting go of limiting beliefs we open ourselves up to…

anxiety meditation exercises

Exercises for Anxiety

By Heather Rigby | May 21, 2021

Do you ever feel anxious, scared or overwhelmed? Here are some simple exercises to help you to quickly and easily let go of those feelings. Contact me for individual help.


By Heather Rigby | May 15, 2021

Today I went outside and Buffy the beautiful golden chicken was singing a chicken song at the top of her lungs. Why was she singing you may ask? Because she laid an egg. A big beautiful brown egg. She was so proud she wanted everyone to know. When you do something good, do you acknowledge…