Intuitive Coaching & Energy Healing

Whether you are new to intuitive and mindset coaching or energy healing, or have experienced the benefits for years, I welcome the opportunity to guide you or your loved ones towards healing.

While I specialize in working with mothers, I also love to share my energy healing with animals!

- heather

Intuitive Mindset Coaching for Women:

I work with women through every stage of motherhood, from infertility, pregnancy, labor support and postpartum all the way to an empty nest.

Grief at the loss of a pregnancy or not being able to become pregnant?

Does your birth story bring you grief, pain or anger?

Feeling disconnected from your baby or child?

Do you struggle with feelings of inadequacy in your motherhood?

Are you struggling with your identity now that your children are leaving? Have you lost your passion in life?

Through a blend of energy healing and intuitive coaching I gently help women release shame, guilt, trauma and fear, opening them up to move forward with clarity, joy and confidence in the life they want to live. I've had many women feel more connection, joy, and love, after even just one session. Let's work together to reclaim your passion and identity.


Energy Healing with Animals

I can also help the animals in your life. Let's work together to help you connect to them and help them release any negative behaviors!

Have you adopted a rehomed animal? Do you struggle to connect with them?

Is your animal struggling after a traumatic birth? Rejecting their newborn?

Do you feel like your animal has had a trauma which affects their behavior?

A simple energy healing session, even a virtual one, can make a world of difference for your animal if they have experienced trauma that is impacting their daily life. I help restore your animal to emotional wellbeing and connection.